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TGV second class

TGV Second Class offers straightforward, friendly and comfortable travel for every type of traveller, including families. Enjoy the bright carriages, practical services and efficient customer service.

Comfort for all!

In a well-lit, happy and friendly atmosphere, TGV Second Class brings you seats with head rest, a fold-down table, foot rest and an individual reading light for your maximum comfort.



You can choose where you sit in the TGV. Several types of seating are available:

Espace Carré: 4 seats facing each other, with a fold-down table (available for 3 or 4 people).

Espace Famille: 4 fold-away seats facing each other, with a fold-down table (available for 3 or 4 people). There are baby changing facilities nearby.

Kiosque: seats located at the far ends of coaches 8 and 1 (available on TGV Réseau and Atlantique).

Duo side by side: 2 seats side by side.



For each seating location, you decide if you want a window or aisle seat.


Some TGV are double-deckers: TGV Duplex. You can choose the top floor “salle haute” or the bottom floor “salle basse”.

Don't forget: the seat locations available (Espace Carré, window, aisle, Duo, compartment, sitting next to a friend) depend on:

  • the type of TGV,
  • the class (more comfort options in First Class),
  • the number of seats available on the train when booking is made,
  • and the number of passengers travelling.

Areas reserved for families

With TGV, travelling with your family is easy. Take a seat in the special family areas where your children have a table for playing games as they travel! Warm baby's jars and meals and take advantage of the nappy changing facilities.

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