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Comfortable seats, friendly ambience, bright carriages, practical services and efficient customer service: TGV 2nd class thinks of every type of traveller, including families!

TGV 2ND CLASS Comfort for all

When traveling on 2nd class you willl travel in a well-lit, happy and friendly atmosphere.

TGV Second Class brings you seats with head rest, a fold-down table, foot rest and an individual reading light for your maximum comfort.


You can enjoy the following services:

  •     Bar buffet car where snack and drinks can be bought
  •     Family Areas seperated from the rest of the comportment
  •     Wifi internet (on certain trains only)
  •     Comfortable seats with headrest and generous legroom
  •     Power sockets at your seat



You can select your seat in TGV 2nd class during your online booking. Besides the standard window or aisle seat, you can also choose one of the following options:

  •          Carré seat (3-4 people): 4 seats facing each other with a folding table
  •          Family seat (3-4 people): 4 seats, face to face with a folding table. Baby room nearby.
  •          Kiosk: at the end of the wagons 8 and 1 (on the TGV Atlantique network)
  •          Duo together: two seats together

Note that in some TGV trains (Duplex) you also have the choice between the lower and the upper deck.


With TGV, travelling with your family is easy. Book a seat in the special family areas where you enjoy several extra services:

  •     Your children have a table for playing games as they travel
  •     Warm baby's jars and meals
  •     Tke advantage of the nappy changing facilities.

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WHEN BOOKING Cant find your seat?

 The seat locations available (Espace Carré, window, aisle, Duo, compartment, sitting next to a friend) depend on:

  •         the type of TGV,
  •         the class (more comfort options in First Class),
  •         the number of seats available on the train when booking is made,
  •         and the number of passengers travelling.